Designated Safeguarding Lead

Certificate: Levels 1 - 3

An online subscription that keeps you up to date with your advanced training requirements, plus all the tools you need to deliver mandatory Level 1 training to the whole school

An online subscription that keeps you up to date with your advanced training requirements, plus all the tools you need to deliver mandatory Level 1 training to the whole school





Designated Safeguarding Lead Certificate: Levels 1 - 3

The Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019 continues to place great importance on your safeguarding provision. To help you become an expert in safeguarding children and young people, we have created an expert certificate designed for the designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and deputy designated safeguarding lead (DDSL).

The certificate provides advance safeguarding knowledge, as well as how to become a Level 1 safeguarding trainer

to deliver the mandatory Level 1 induction training for the whole school .

Become an expert in safeguarding children and young people

Keep up to date with your advance training requirements without leaving your setting

Access tools to help you make your job easier

Minimise the time you need to spend on admin

Make the mandatory Level 1 staff training easy

with practical training resources

Save money by training staff yourself

What makes the Designated Safeguarding Lead Specialist Certificate: Levels 1 - 3 different?

1. Our unique system will let you work through this specialist training programme at your own pace.

2. You will be able to test your knowledge along the way with quizzes and tests to identify gaps in your knowledge.

3. Hear from our wide range of education experts and safeguarding specialists.

4. Access a wide range of current tools, templates, checklists and policies that you can download and start using straight away.

5. The training is kept up-to-date, so that your advance safeguarding knowledge is always current.

6. Changes from the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) 2019 and what this means for safeguarding are included.

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Each module has been designed to guide you through every aspect of safeguarding and contains videos, worksheets, checklists and step by step guides.


All of our expert led videos can be accessed separately so that you can come back to individual topics anytime you need.


At the end of each module, you can test your knowledge and get to grips with any outstanding areas for improvement. You can take the tests (and course) as many times as you like.


Module 1: The current regulatory framework

Module 2: Identifying safeguarding concerns

Module 3: Safe staffing and recruitment

Module 4: Inter-agency working

Module 5: Ofsted inspections 2019

Module 6: Mental health in young people

Module 7: Risks at home

Module 8: Risks outside the home

Module 9: Safe use of technology

Module 10: Level 1 train the trainer

Module 11: Staff training resources



Alex Colclough, Education consultant

Alex has more than 10 years experience as a senior leader in education as both Primary Acting Head and Deputy. Alex worked for Richmond and Kingston LSCB as Education Lead, providing training and support to school DSLs across the boroughs and recently spent 6 months working with the Achieving for Children Virtual School, championing the education of the looked after and previous looked after children in Richmond, Kingston, Windsor and Maidenhead.

John Viner, Education consultant

John Viner is an education consultant and one of Forum’s contributing authors and speakers, especially on education legislation and regulation. Before that he spent over 25 years in primary school leadership including as headteacher of five primary schools. During this time, he served for fifteen years as an Ofsted inspector. Today, he mainly works in teacher training and the inspection of faith schools.

Sam Garner, Education consultant

Sam Garner is an education consultant with specialist expertise in access arrangements and mental health in schools. She is a freelance trainer, and regularly speaks in schools to parents, staff and students ( She has also written a series of brief targeted CBT programmes designed to be run by school staff with students, including Exam Anxiety and Self Harming (

Jane Bee has worked in Safeguarding and Child Protection for 17 years and was the manager for Safeguarding in Education for a large Local Authority in the South West. She is experienced in delivering training on all kinds of safeguarding subjects including; DBS checks, Child Protection record keeping, Allegations Management, FGM, the Prevent agenda (Home Office Accredited), Domestic Abuse, Child Sexual Exploitation, Safer recruitment(accredited) and Safeguarding Policies. She also chairs the SW Safeguarding in Education Group.

Jane has worked managing allegations of abuse against members of staff and volunteers as a Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) for 12 years.

Email: Website:

Jane Bee PGCCP, BSc (Hons) Psych, DipH&SWSafeguarding children consultant

Abigail Clay, Safeguarding Children Consultant

After 30 years’ teaching and leadership experience in education, Abigail helps schools and colleges to understand and be fully compliant with their safeguarding, Prevent and equality and diversity training, strategies and procedures. She is an active member of the EU funded Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). She is a Stonewall training partner, and a NASS preferred trainer. She is as a Regulation 44 and NMS20 independent visitor for residential children’s homes in the UK. She is also Vice Chair of the Leeds Catholic Safeguarding Commission and has a lot of experience of child and adult protection case work and assessment and leads investigations, disciplinary hearings and compiles Best Interest Assessments for presentation at court, in the interest of UKBA immigration appeals.

John Rees, Education Consultant

Having taught for 12 years, latterly as a senior leader, John lead the transformation of ‘APAUSE’ from a 2-school research project into an effective multi-agency programme with unique evidence of health benefit and educational improvement. John became an independent educational consultant in 2006 and is currently working as a coach and facilitator, speaker, trainer and consultant with schools, academies and Local Authorities, across the UK and overseas, to support school improvement and health outcomes.

07710 401 688.

Suzanne O’Connell, Education Consultant

Suzanne was a teacher for 23 years in junior, middle and primary schools and headteacher of a junior school for 11 years, and was also the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the school. Since then she has written extensively for the education market on a wide range of issues but with a particular interest in safeguarding, pupil welfare and special educational needs.

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